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The Evenflo Quatore™ 4-in-1 High Chair is a solution for life’s real needs for feeding time and beyond. It is one seat that fits all of your needs - infant feeding mode, high chair, toddler booster and a youth chair.

The specialized Infant Feeding mode has 3 recline positions and cute infant insert, so baby can relax while you prepare dinner. The traditional high chair mode has 4 heights for perfect positioning next to any table and 3-position footrest provides a customized, comfortable fit for your growing child. Feeding time is messy, so easy-to-clean fabrics are critical, and the 2 full seat pads means you can throw one in the washing machine, while your child is using the other.

Whether for your one sweet baby or seating for 2 - it’s the chair that keeps on giving.

4 Stages of development, the highchair grows with your child
 - Reclining Infant Seat
 - Toddler High Chair
 - Big Kid Booster
 - My Size Youth Seat
Customizable - The perfect highchair for everyone! Multiple adjustable height, recline, and tray positions
Foot rest - 3 foot rest positions
Space Saving - Streamlined designed to fit any space whether you are eating or storing
Easy to Clean - A removable tray insert makes for easy clean-up!

Age Suitability Stage 1: Reclining Infant Seat 0-6 m
Age Suitability Stage 2: High Chair 4 -3 y
Age Suitability Stage 3: Big Kid Booster 3-5 y
Age Suitability Stage 4: Youth Seat 3 y
Carton Weight: 10.1 kgs
Hardgood Material: Plastic & Steel
Softgoods Material: Polyester
Weight: 9.1 kgs
Weight Limit: 18.1 kgs

Carton: 53.3cm long x 31.8cm wide x 87.9cm tall
Display: 33.0cm long x 53.3cm deep x 147.3cm tall

Parenting Tips:

High Chair
Though entertaining at times, feeding your child can also be time-consuming and messy. There is a variety of products to make mealtime easy, but none of them as important as a highchair. Highchairs are designed to be easy to move, use, clean, and above all, to be comfortable and safe for your child and will be a great addition to your household as your baby grows.
High chairs are a necessity for your child once they start eating solid foods. There are several options and a wide range available when choosing you highchair whether it being a standard high chair, portable or a booster seat.


  • Always ensure that your high chair has a 5 point safety harness
  • If buying a portable high chair make sure that the it fits to your table without causing any damage.
  • If buying a high chair with wheels you need to ensure that the wheels can be locked into place so the high chair cannot move.
  • Look for chairs that are easy to clean, most you just need to give a quick wipe over.
  • Booster seats are more portable as they fold and pack away for easy storage.

Choose a safe high chair

  • For maximum safety, choose a high chair fitted with a five-point restraint harness that goes over the baby’s shoulders, round their waist and between their legs.
  • Check that the construction and framework is sturdy and robust — you can put some weight on the seat and backrest to see if they squeak, sag, deform, move out of position, or collapse.
  • Check that folding high chairs are stable and that the locks work to prevent them from accidentally falling or collapsing — ask the seller for a demonstration.
  • Check that moving parts cannot pinch, crush or trap a child’s finger, toe, limb or head.
  • Check for sharp edges and points along the edges of the chair and tray that could cut a child, and for any easily detachable parts which could pose a choking hazard.
  • If the high chair has four castors fitted, make sure at least one pair (either front or back) has brakes to prevent it from becoming unstable.
  • If you are buying a second-hand high chair that doesn’t have a proper harness, buy a harness separately and clip or attach it securely.


  • Never leave a child unattended in a high chair — if you need to leave the room, take your child with you to avoid falls that can result when a child tries to stand up or climb out of the chair when adults are not there.
  • Use the harness from the very beginning and every time to ensure your baby gets used to being secured.
  • Do not allow a child to stand up in a high chair or climb into or out of it unassisted, as the chair may become unstable
  • Set the high chair up at least 500mm away from windows, unsecured doorways, stoves, appliance cords, curtains or blind cords to prevent children coming into contact with hazards.
  • Make sure a child cannot push against a vertical surface (such as a wall or cupboards) and push the chair over.
  • Ensure the child’s hands are free from moving parts when the tray is raised and lowered to avoid pinching or entrapment.
  • Place the high chair out of reach when not in use to prevent a child from trying to climb onto it.
  • Regularly check the high chair's condition.
  • Fix any loose nuts and broken parts straight away, as they may cause a child to choke or become injured.


  • Repair exposed foam in the seat or back to prevent a baby from choking on foam pieces. 


Brand Evenflo
Shipping Weight 10.1kg
SKU CNP-29411814A

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