Baby Bath

Does your little one enjoy bath time? Create a safe and fun filled environment for your baby every time you give them a bath by purchasing newborn tubs and accessories from Nanny Annie’s. We offer a range of products that help improve your baby’s bath experience.

We offer an array of bath products, such as newborn tubs, bath seat, bath chair, baby bath stand, etc. Browse through our list of products and choose a style that is best for you. Whether you choose an infant bath tub or a tub with mesh lining, we guarantee your baby will have a wonderful experience.

We also recommend you to invest in a fun collection of bath toys that will distract your little one while you bathe them. We offer a colourful and wised selection of bath toys that will keep your little one engaged the entire time.

At Nanny Annie’s, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best quality products made from the finest materials. Most of the baby bath tubs we offer are highly portable and can be carried along with you while you are travelling with your baby.