Safety Mats

From naptime to playtime, Nanny Annie’s wide array of safety mats ensures your little one has comfortable space to stretch out. We offer a large variety of Kids Play mats in numerous styles and designs, including a Foam Play Mat, Puzzle Mats, Alphabet Mats, and Skip hop mats.

Soft and comfortable, our mats are cushioned for safety and are sure to keep your little one cozy throughout the day. Safety mats are more than a way to keep your precious one entertained. Kids Play Mat also offers great developmental benefits, such as improved muscle control, hand-eye coordination and visual perception skills.

Browse our list of parent-approved Play Mat brands that offer mats available in a variety of themes, patterns and colours for you to choose from. Our mats are made using the finest, durable and non-toxic materials. Make the most of playtime by investing in a fun rubber play mat for your child so they have a place to stretch out.

As your little one grows, they are sure to get tons of use from a baby activity mat that is bound to keep them entertained for several minutes while you complete your daily chores. We offer a number of comfy and squishy EVA mats that you can lie down on your floor to keep your child entertained.