I purchased the occupational therapy high chair for my 2 year old autistic son. It has made a HUGE difference to meal times. Kade will now sit and eat a meal where as prior to having this chair, we struggled to get him to sit to eat. The flow on effect from this has been huge as we now see an improvement in his overall behaviour and meeting his therapy goals as his dietary needs are being better supported. Kade is now attempting to feed himself and loves spending time in his seat! But, he will not sit in it without the tray in place, I'm hoping he grows out of that! Even with the tray on, the high chair fits perfectly at the family dinner table, which once again is a great achievement for us! Kade is included in his way in his happy space. Thank you Nanny Annie for allowing us access to a very reasonably priced high chair that has become invaluable to us! Rhiana Kershaw