Childrens Table and Chair Sets


It’s a lot more fun taking a seat in a table and chair set that is designed just for you! Nanny Annie offers a range of Kids Table and Chairs Sets that are specially designed for children, giving them the ideal place to draw, read, play and sit.


Browse through a list of popular brands that are suitable for both young boys and girls. Your little one will be delighted to have a place of their own to put together puzzles or simply play games. You can choose from a variety of contemporary designs in plastic or classic Wooden Table and Chair.


Constructed using the best materials, we provide some of the best Toddler Table and Chairs in Australia. Durably made, a children’s desk and chair will be used repeatedly throughout your kid’s childhood and will become the perfect place for them to do their homework, read or colour.


Most pieces are lightweight, durable, easy to carry and strong enough to handle the rough and tumble of everyday child’s play. Select through our wide array of tables and chair sets available in a variety of patterns, colours and designs to choose the best one according to your overall décor and style.